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Getting Started

Basis Theory provides APIs, SDKs, and all of the tools you need to make your sensitive data more secure and usable.
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What is Basis Theory?

Our software becomes a core part of your infrastructure enabling you to quickly encrypt, tokenize, and store any payload securely. Your token infrastructure can be used to protect data at rest, as it passes between your own internal systems, or how it's permissioned and shared with third parties.

Basis Theory Infrastructure

1. Set up your Test Account

Head over to the Basis Theory Portal and create a Personal Account using your work email (e.g.,

In the Portal's Welcome Page, create a TEST Tenant - the place where your tokens and other resources are stored:

Create a TEST Tenant

2. Start Building

Jump into action with a step-by-step guide tailored to your use case.

Collect Cards

Accept credit/debit cards in your web or mobile applications.

Issue Cards

Securely store issued cards using and Issuer API.

Receive Cards via API / Webhooks

Securely receive and store cards sent to your API.

Collect Inbound Sensitive Data

Tokenize sensitive data before it touches your API.

Explore the Guides menu for more developer-centric guides or click the Ask AI ✨ button in the bottom right corner of this page.

Still didn't find what you were looking for? We are eager to talk to you and learn more from your product and use case. Click here to book a call.

3. Go Live

Visit our interactive checklist to ensure you are following the best recommended practices and go live without overthinking it.

Try a Blueprint

Blueprints are end-to-end guides around common use cases with the Basis Theory platform to help reduce or eliminate the compliance, regulatory, and security burdens.

Cards Blueprints

Cards Blueprints

Guides for working with cards in order to meet 95% of the compliance requirements of PCI in as little as 5 minutes.
Personal Information Blueprints

Personal Information Blueprints

Guides for collecting, processing, and revealing personal information while complying with data privacy regulations.

Learn More

Access Controls

Use granular controls to limit the scope of your data.


Use tokens to secure and share your sensitive data.


Learn about the expression language supported throughout the Basis Theory API.


Send and receive sensitive data without touching it.


Run code against your data in a secure environment.


Search your data without decrypting it.