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API Reference

API endpoints to manage the full lifecycle of your data and Basis Theory resources.
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The Basis Theory API is organized around REST. Our API is built with a predictable resource-oriented structure, uses JSON-encoded requests and responses, follows standard HTTP verbs/responses, and uses industry standard authentication.

You are able to create different Tenants within your Basis Theory account to enable you to segment your test environments from your core production data. Tenants serve as a logical grouping for each of your systems to interact with Basis Theory without affecting each other.

Try with Postman

Create a fork of our Basis Theory API workspace, this has pre-configured sample API calls enabling you to quickly try out our API.

Run in Postman

Install SDK

npm install --save @basis-theory/basis-theory-js

Our SDKs enable you to quickly and easily integrate with the API. Select one of the language tabs to see instructions on how to install the SDK and view code examples in that language.

If you don't see your language listed, contact us about getting an official SDK added in your preferred language.