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Any Data

Data type-agnostic guides for managing sensitive information in a compliant environment.
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Empower your data strategy: guides that cover secure data collection, processing, control, and auditing, ensuring comprehensive insights for your data-driven journey across various platforms.

Start with a Guide‚Äč

Collect Data from Web

Securely collect data in your web application.

Customize Your Web Form

Customize the look and behavior of your web form.

Reveal Tokenized Data

Use Basis Theory Elements to reveal tokenized data back to customers without touching it.

Send Data to a 3rd Party

Share data with a third-party without touching it.

Search Data

Search data without decrypting it.

Analyze Data

Run complex processing against your data with custom code.

Control Data Access

Use granular access controls to control data access.

Audit Data Access

Audit data access and usage across your environment.