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"errors": {
"additionalProp1": ["string"],
"additionalProp2": ["string"],
"additionalProp3": ["string"]
"type": "string",
"title": "string",
"status": 400,
"detail": "string",
"instance": "string"


titlestringA short, human-readable summary of the problem
detailstringA human-readable explanation specific to this occurrence of the problem
errors.{property}arrayAn array of human readable error messages returned per request {property}
statusintegerHTTP status code of the response

Error Codes

Error CodeMeaning
400Invalid request body
401A missing or invalid BT-API-KEY was provided
403The provided BT-API-KEY does not have the required permissions
404Request entity was not found
422Request does not satisfy requirements for processing
429Request has been rate limited
500Something went wrong on Basis Theory's side

Reactor Errors

When calling POST */react endpoints, vendor-specific errors are translated to the same response schema as Basis Theory Errors. Additional response codes may be returned on calls to POST */react mapped from vendor-specific errors.

Reactor Error Codes

Error CodeMeaningCommon Scenarios
400Bad Request
  • Missing or invalid request properties when processing the request with the vendor
  • Invalid Reactor Configuration
401Authentication Error
  • Invalid or unknown credentials
  • Credentials are valid, but lack permission to complete the operation
402Invalid Payment Method
  • Expired Card
  • A test card or bank account was used in a production environment, or vice-versa
  • The vendor denied the card or bank account
422Unprocessable Entity
  • Reactor Formula code is not a valid function
429Rate Limit Error
  • The vendor responded with a 429 HTTP response code
500Reactor Runtime Error
  • An unhandled exception occurred
  • The vendor responded with a 5XX HTTP response code
  • Vendor connection failure