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Basis Theory offers several features that can be used to enrich the tokens that are tokenized. The following enrichments, when activated, can be found within the enrichments property of a Token.

AttributeTypeToken TypesDescription
bin_detailsobjectcard , card_numberObject containing information related to the tokenized credit card

Using Token Enrichments

When a specific Enrichment is activated for a Tenant, each is added as a token property and returned during every token operation and is available to be used within Detokenization Expressions.

BIN Details

BIN details, or Bank Identification Number details, represent a fundamental aspect of credit card processing. Each credit card is associated with a unique BIN, which serves as a numerical identifier for the issuing bank or financial institution. These details hold crucial technical significance as they help validate transactions, prevent fraud, and optimize routing. Understanding the intricate mechanics of BIN details is vital for implementing secure and efficient credit card processing solutions.

Basis Theory offers two options for enriching card or card_number tokens with BIN details, depending on the level of detail you require:

StandardBasic information about the credit card's function and origin.
EnhancedIncludes Standard Data and also interchange, authentication, and other more advanced details.

Standard Data


 .namestringIssuing bank name
 .phonestringIssuing bank phone
 .urlstringIssuing bank website
 .clean_namestringIssuing bank name that has been reformatted for human readability
card_brandstringCard brand
card_segment_typestring["", "Business", "Commercial", "Consumer", "Government"]
 .alpha2stringIssuing country ISO3166 alpha country code
 .numericstringIssuing country ISO3166 numeric country code
 .namestringIssuing country name
prepaidboolIs prepaid BIN
 .codestringThe product code
 .namestringThe product name
typestringCard type ["Credit", "Debit"]

JSON example

"bank": {
"phone": "800-432-3117",
"url": "",
"clean_name": "JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A."
"card_brand": "VISA",
"card_segment_type": "CONSUMER",
"country": {
"alpha2": "US",
"numeric": "840",
"name": "United States of America"
"prepaid": false,
"product": {
"code": "D",
"type": "CREDIT"

Enhanced Data


Data FieldVariable TypeDescription
account_updaterboolAccount Updater enabled
  .card_brandstringName of the additional brand
  .card_brand_productstringCard brand product
  .card_brand_bank_namestringIssuing bank
almboolParticipating in Account Level Management
authenticationarrayAuthentication requirements, e.g., [{"authentication_name": "EU PSD2 - SCA"}]
  .authentication_namestringThe type of authentication required, e.g., EU PSD2 - SCA
  .namestringIssuing bank name
  .phonestringIssuing bank phone
  .urlstringIssuing bank website
  .clean_namestringIssuing bank name that has been reformatted for human readability
bin_lengthstringLength of BIN
card_brandstringCard brand
card_segment_typestringIndicator of consumer BIN or commercial BIN. Values include: Business, Commercial, Consumer, Government
combo_cardstringCard has combined card type capabilities
costarrayIdentifies associated costs by name and amount
  .cap_advalorem_amountstringInterchange percentage (decimal) assessed
  .cap_type_namestringName of the regulated interchange cap
  .cap_fixed_amountstringIf a fixed or regulated interchange amount applies, the amount will be shown here
domestic_onlyboolDomestic-only BIN
gambling_blockedboolIs not permitted to be used for online gambling
issuer_currencystring3-digit ISO-3166 Currency
level2boolLevel 2 interchange rate eligibility
level3boolLevel 3 interchange rate eligibility
pan_or_tokenstringIndicates whether the BIN is a PAN or a Network Token. Values include: pan, token
  .codestringThe product code
  .namestringThe product name
reloadableboolIs reloadable
typestringCard type. Values include: Credit, Debit

JSON example

"account_updater": true,
"additional_card_brands": [
"card_brand": "Visa",
"card_brand_product": "Platinum",
"card_brand_bank_name": "Example Bank"
"alm": "Managed",
"authentication": {
"authentication_required": true,
"authentication_name": "3ds"
"bank": {
"phone": "800-432-3117",
"url": "",
"clean_name": "JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A."
"bin_length": "6",
"card_brand": "VISA",
"card_segment_type": "Consumer",
"combo_card": "Gold",
"cost": [
"cap_fixed_amount": 0,
"cap_advalorem_amount": 0.0115,
"cap_type_qualifier_text": "EU XB CNP MIF"
"domestic_only": true,
"gambling_blocked": true,
"issuer_currency": "USD",
"level2": false,
"level3": true,
"pan_or_token": "Token",
"product": {
"code": "F",
"name": "Visa Classic"
"reloadable": false,
"type": "Debit"

Product Code Reference


Card Product CodeCard Product Name
AVisa Traditional
BVisa Traditional Rewards
CVisa Signature
DVisa Signature Preferred
FVisa Classic
GVisa Business
G1Visa Signature Business
G3Visa Business Enhanced
G4Visa Infinite Business
G5Visa Business Rewards
IVisa Infinite
I1Visa Infinite Privilege
J3Visa Prepaid Healthcare
KVisa Corporate
K1Visa Government Corporate T&E
NVisa Platinum
N1Visa Rewards
N2Visa Select
PVisa Gold
QPrivate Label
Q2Private Label Basic
Q3Private Label Enhanced
Q4Private Label Standard
Q5Private Label Specialized
Q6Private Label Premium
SVisa Purchasing
S1Visa Purchasing
S2Visa Government Purchasing
S3Visa Government Purchasing with Fleet
S4Visa Commercial Agriculture
S5Visa Commercial Transport
S6Visa Business Loan
SlVisa Purchasing with Fleet
UVisa TravelMoney
VVisa V Pay
XVisa B2B


Card Product CodeCard Product Name
ACSACH for Consumer
BPCBill Pay Commercial
BPDMastercard World Business Debit
CIRCirrus Card
MABWorld Elite Mastercard for Business
MACMastercard Corporate World Elite Card
MaestroBranded Prepaid business programs issued in Europe
MAPMastercard Commercial Payment Account
MAQMastercard Prepaid Commercial Payment Account
MBAMasterCard B2B Product 2
MBBMastercard Prepaid Consumer
MBCMasterCard Prepaid Voucher
MBDDebit MasterCard Professional Card
MBEMasterCard Electronic BusinessCard Card
MBFMasterCard Alimentacao (Food)
MBGMasterCard B2B Product 3
MBHMasterCard B2B Product 4
MBIMasterCard B2B Product 5
MBJMasterCard B2B Product 6
MBKMasterCard Black
MBMMasterCard Refeicao (Meal)
MBPMasterCard Corporate Prepaid
MBSMasterCard B2B Product 1
MBWWorld MasterCard Black Edition
MCBMasterCard BusinessCard Card
MCCMixed Product
MCEMasterCard Electronic
MCFMasterCard Corporate Fleet Card
MCGGold MasterCard
MCMMasterCard Corporate Meeting Card
MCOMasterCard Corporate Card
MCPMastercard Corporate Purchasing Card
MCSMastercard Standard
MCTTitanium MasterCard
MCUMasterCard Unembossed Card
MCWWorld MasterCard Card
MDBDebit MasterCard BusinessCard Card
MDGDebit Gold MasterCard
MDHWorld Debit MasterCard Embossed
MDJDebit MasterCard (enhanced)
MDODebit MasterCard Other Programs
MDPDebit Platinum MasterCard
MDSDebit MasterCard
MDSDebit MasterCard
MDTBusiness Debit MasterCard
MDUDebit MasterCard Unembossed
MDWWorld Elite Debit MasterCard
MEBMasterCard Executive BusinessCard Card
MEOMasterCard Corporate Executive Card
MEPPremium Debit MasterCard
MESMastercard Enterprise Solutions
METTitanium Debit MasterCard
MFRMasterCard Commercial Reward Funding
MGFMasterCard Government Commercial Card
MGPMastercard Prepaid Gold Payroll
MGSPlatinum Mastercard Prepaid General Spend
MHAMasterCard Healthcare Prepaid Non
MHBMasterCard HSA Substantiated
MHHMasterCard HSA Non
MHPHELOC Platinum MasterCard
MHSHELOC Standard MasterCard
MICISIC MasterCard Student Card
MIPISIC MasterCard Prepaid Student Card
MISISIC Debit MasterCard Student Card
MIUDebit MasterCard Unembossed
MLAMasterCard Central Travel Solutions Air
MLBMasterCard Brazil Prepaid Benefits
MLCMasterCard Micro
MLDMasterCard Distribution Card
MLEMasterCard Pedagio Prepaid Card
MLFMasterCard Agro
MLLMasterCard Central Travel Solutions Land
MNFMasterCard Public Sector Commercial Card
MNWWorld MasterCard Card
MOWWorld Maestro
MPAPrepaid MasterCard Payroll Card
MPBMasterCard Preferred BusinessCard Card
MPCMasterCard Professional Card
MPDMastercard Flex Prepaid
MPFPrepaid MasterCard Gift Card
MPGPrepaid MasterCard General Spend Card
MPJPrepaid MC Debit Voucher Meal/Food Card
MPLPlatinum MasterCard
MPMPrepaid MasterCard Consumer Incentive Card
MPNPrepaid MasterCard Insurance Card
MPOPrepaid MasterCard Other Card
MPPMasterCard Prepaid Embossed
MPRPrepaid MasterCard Travel Card
MPVPrepaid MasterCard Government Card
MPWPrepaid MasterCard Workplace B2B Solutions
MPXPrepaid MasterCard Flex Benefit Card
MPYPrepaid MasterCard Employee Incentive Card
MRCPrepaid MasterCard Electronic Card
MRDPlatinum Debit Mastercard Prepaid General Spend
MRFStandard Deferred
MRGPrepaid MasterCard Card
MRHMasterCard Prepaid Platinum Travel Card
MRJPrepaid MasterCard Voucher Meal/Food Card
MRKPrepaid MC Public Sector Commercial Card
MRLMastercard Prepaid Business Preferred
MROMasterCard Rewards Only
MRWPrepaid MasterCard BusinessCard Card
MSBMaestro Small Business
MSIMaestro Card
MTPMasterCard Platinum Prepaid Travel
MUPPlatinum Debit MasterCard Unembossed
MUSPrepaid MasterCard Unembossed
MVAMastercard B2B VIP 1
MVBMastercard B2B VIP 2
MVCMastercard B2B VIP 3
MVDMastercard B2B VIP 4
MVEMastercard B2B VIP 5
MVFMastercard B2B VIP 6
MVGMastercard B2B VIP 7
MVCMastercard B2B VIP 3
MVDMastercard B2B VIP 4
MVEMastercard B2B VIP 5
MVFMastercard B2B VIP 6
MVGMastercard B2B VIP 7
MVHMastercard B2B VIP 8
MVJMastercard B2B VIP 10
MVKMastercard B2B VIP 11
MVLMastercard B2B VIP 12
MVMMastercard B2B VIP 13
MVNMastercard B2B VIP 14
MWBWorld MasterCard for Business
MWEWorld Elite MasterCard Card
MWFMastercard Humanitarian Prepaid
MWOMasterCard Corporate World Card
MWPMastercard World Prepaid
MXGDigital Enablement Program
OLBMaestro Small Business
OLCPrepaid MasterCard Commercial Card
OLRPrepaid MasterCard Consumer Card
PVLPrivate Label
PVTPrivate Label Trade Program
SAPMasterCard Salary Platinum
SASMasterCard Salary Standard
SURPrepaid MasterCard Unembossed
TCBMastercard BusinessCard Card
TCCMasterCard Mixed Product
TCGGold MasterCard
TCOMastercard Corporate Card
TCSMasterCard Standard
TCWWorld Elite Mastercard
TICISIC MasterCard Student Card
TIUMasterCard Unembossed
TNWWorld MasterCard
TPCMasterCard Professional Card
TPLPlatinum MasterCard
TWBWorld MasterCard Black Edition
WBEWorld MasterCard Black Edition
WDRWorld Debit MasterCard Rewards
WMRWorld MasterCard Rewards
WPDWorld Prepaid Debit

Test Cards

The following sample test card numbers can be used to test the Bin Details enrichment for card or card_number tokens.

Card NumberCVCCard Brand
4101720000000003Any 3 digitsVISA
5333650000000009Any 3 digitsMASTERCARD
373194999999998Any 4 digitsAMEX
6516497200000000Any 3 digitsDISCOVER
3648700000000007Any 3 digitsDINERS CLUB
3528000000000007Any 3 digitsJCB
6235000000000004Any 3 digitsUNIONPAY