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Global & Local Data

Localizing data to a specific region is typically required because many user experiences are sensitive to added latency or need to comply with data localization laws without having to document gaps in a compliance program.

Basis Theory Tenants

Each of our tenants is capable of being deployed into its own region across the globe. This provides the same level of support no matter the region a Tenant is deployed while offering all of the compliance and latency benefits an organization needs.

Integration with a localized tenant

Integrating with a localized tenant simply works. We automatically route traffic based on your authentication to the correct region, reducing the need to worry about handling different endpoint configurations.

Localized data

Tokens and configurations created on a Localized tenant will never leave that region for any reason. All tokens and their encryption keys are always stored locally in that region and will not be transferred cross-border for any reason.

Lowest latency routing

We ensure our edge routing gets to the correct localized data center as quickly as possible, this handles your requests with blazing speed. In most cases, we see under 100ms response times within a region.

Resilient by default

We know payment data is one of the most important data on the planet, which is why we have ensured each of our Basis Theory Regions is geo-redundant with redundancies both hundreds and thousands of miles apart from each other.

Localized Tenants

Our platform is currently scaled to accept new customers in North America, Europe, and India. We are also aggressively expanding other regions to support additional customer deployments. If you’re interested in a region not listed above, reach out and we’ll make sure we get a deployment closest to you.

Global Tenants

Global tenants span tokenized data across all regions of our platform bringing your data as close to each of your regional deployments as possible.


What other regions are you planning?

We plan to create a global footprint in each continent as demand increases in each. Our Tenants can be quickly deployed into any region your business requires. Let us know if we are missing one that your business depends on.