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Card Account Updater

It’s estimated that subscription businesses lose up to 5-10% of their revenue annually, most of it by accident. Before Account Updater, it was nearly impossible to minimize lost revenue tied to outdated card information.

  • Prevent Accidental Churn: Don’t lose customers simply because they lost their card, their card expired or updated their billing address.
  • Improve Customer Experience: No one wants to update their card on file on no business wants to ask their customer to update their card. Now you don’t have to!
  • Immediate ROI: It’s easy to see the revenue lift by comparing the increase in successful authorizations vs. Account Updater cost.

How to use Account Updater with Basis Theory

Basis Theory Account Updater

The moment you store credit cards with Basis Theory, you’re able to request on-demand or scheduled updates to those tokenized credit cards. In an effort to provide the most flexibility for the needs of scaling payment organizations, we’ve enabled the ability for Basis Theory to update your expiring credit cards seamlessly or to receive a list of tokens to update on-demand.

This lifecycle enables the ability to keep all tokens created with other providers up to date as well, this ensures each card-on-file has the freshest data across all partners and processors.

Any Third Party Provider

Basis Theory’s out-of-the-box flexibility allows organizations with new vendors, existing partnerships, or a processor’s Account Updater to integrate directly with those APIs - for example, Pagos Loon, Cybersource, Chase Account Updater, Adyen, etc. In these cases, our Proxy and Reactors enable your team to keep your credit cards up to date with your vendor of choice. Reach out for a free session on how to architect this!

Basis Theory Account Updater

Updating a list of cards on demand

We recognize that payment organizations and fintech need to be in complete control over every detail of their payment processing flows, including how credit cards are updated. This control gives companies the ability to reduce subscription declines, and old credit cards on file while optimizing the cost of keeping all credit cards up to date.

Below is a flow diagram explaining how updating a list of card tokens works and find more on our API Reference.

Updating List of Tokens Diagram

Automatically update expiring cards

There are situations where you’d like to put your card updates on auto-pilot and have them only be updated if they are nearing expiration. In cases like these, Basis Theory provides an automated service to keep your nearing expired tokens up to date - this process works identical to the on-demand option, except you would not need to send a list of tokens to be updated.

Updating List of Expiring Cards Diagram

Keeping your processor tokens up to date

As your cards stored with Basis Theory are updated, it is important to keep each of your processors up to date with the latest card information for each customer. This ensures that when using processor tokens, declines are avoided because the freshest card is being used. Basis Theory provides a webhook when each card is updated and also once the full card is complete, signaling the need for all processor tokens to be updated.

Keep processor tokens up to date Diagram


Can I automatically update all cards in my vault on a regular schedule?

Yes, you can. However, while considering cost-effectiveness, it may be optimal to only update customer cards that are important to your business. Basis Theory is ready to offer the necessary controls to help you create a successful update strategy.

Do all Basis Theory platform features work with any Account Updater vendor?

Yes! Any feature, you need is fully available to you to utilize with an existing Account Updater service. This means you’re able to keep your tokens up to date and also keep any of your processor tokens up to date by utilizing the Basis Theory platform.

Do you support end-of-day / nightly batch Account Updater Reports?

Yes. Some acquirers and payment processors have the ability to generate end-of-day transaction reports containing account updates. For such cases, Basis Theory can process the report, looking for updated card information.

Nightly update diagram

Do you enable Real Time Account Updater?

Yes. Typically, real-time account updates happen during transaction processing/authorization flow with your acquirer.

Real-time account updater diagram